Professional Course in Digital product design

  • Title: Professional Course in Digital product design
  • Category: Advanced training
  • Language: English
  • Application deadline: 1 month before session opening
  • Duration: 6months, 8 lessons
  • Fees: 700 USD
  • Classes: Online/Remote


Welcome to the Professional Course in Digital Product Design! Prepare to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of user-centered design, where you will learn to create seamless and engaging digital experiences. Throughout this course, you will delve into the principles of user research, prototyping, interaction design, and visual aesthetics, empowering you to design innovative and user-friendly digital products. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to shape the future of digital design.

The Digital Product Design course is a comprehensive training program that focuses on teaching participants the skills and knowledge required to design digital products such as websites, mobile applications, and software interfaces. Through a series of interactive lectures and hands-on projects, participants will learn how to conduct user research, create wireframes and prototypes, design user interfaces, and develop visual design skills.

At the advanced level, participants will learn various aspects of product design, including user research, prototyping, user experience (UX) design, visual design, and user interface (UI) design. Through a combination of theoretical learning and practical projects, participants will learn best practices for designing digital products that are both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

By the end of the course, participants will have a portfolio of digital product designs that demonstrate their expertise and readiness to embark on a career in digital product design.

As part of our commitment to providing a comprehensive and immersive learning experience, selected participants of our professional courses will have the exclusive opportunity to attend a highly enriching boot camp or seminar in the picturesque setting of Sweden. It aims to deliver value beyond the classroom, empower our course graduates to thrive in their careers, make lasting connections, and stand out as leaders in their respective fields. This event will serve as a platform for participants to showcase the projects or prototypes they've developed during the course, creating a vibrant atmosphere for collaboration, feedback, and networking.

Join us on this exciting journey of learning, growth, and innovation, and seize the opportunity to shine internationally by showcasing your projects and prototypes in the heart of Sweden!

Who Should Attend?

The course is ideal for aspiring product designers, user experience (UX) designers, interface designers, and individuals interested in pursuing a career in digital product design. It is suitable for beginners with no prior design experience, as well as professionals seeking to enhance their existing design skills and transition into the field of digital product design.

While no specific prerequisites are required for this course, participants should have a basic understanding of design principles and digital technologies. Familiarity with design software tools, user interface concepts, and basic coding would be advantageous.

This course is particularly relevant for:

I• UX/UI Designers: UX/UI designers who want to enhance their expertise in digital product design can greatly benefit from this course. It provides them with advanced design techniques, user research methodologies, and interaction design principles, enabling them to create intuitive and engaging digital experiences.
II• Product Managers: Product managers who are involved in the development of digital products can benefit from this course. It equips them with a deeper understanding of user-centered design processes, user testing, and usability evaluation, enabling them to effectively collaborate with design teams and make informed product decisions.
III• Graphic and Visual Designers: Graphic and visual designers who want to expand their skill set to include digital product design can leverage this course. It covers topics such as design thinking, prototyping, and design systems, allowing them to create visually appealing and functional digital interfaces.
IV• Web and App Developers: Web and app developers who want to have a comprehensive understanding of digital product design can benefit from this course. It provides them with insights into user experience principles, information architecture, and design collaboration, enabling them to create seamless user experiences while implementing the technical aspects of development.
V• Marketing and Communication Professionals: Marketing and communication professionals who want to improve their understanding of digital product design can benefit from this course. It equips them with the knowledge to align marketing strategies with user needs, optimize conversion rates, and create compelling digital campaigns.
VI• Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to develop their own digital products or collaborate effectively with design teams can benefit from this course. It enables them to understand the design process, communicate their vision effectively, and make informed decisions to create successful digital products.
VII• Creative Professionals: Creative professionals from various fields, such as copywriters, illustrators, or photographers, who want to enhance their understanding of digital product design can enroll in this course. It provides them with the necessary skills to collaborate with design teams, contribute to the visual aspects of digital products, and create cohesive user experiences.
VIII• Professionals Seeking to Upskill: Professionals from diverse backgrounds who want to enhance their knowledge in digital product design can benefit from this course. Whether you are in the early stages of your career or looking to transition into a design role, this course equips you with the foundational skills and practical insights to excel in digital product design.

What will you learn?

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will:
Understand the principles and methodologies of digital product design
Conduct user research and develop user personas for informed design decisions
Create intuitive and user-centric wireframes, prototypes, and information architecture
Apply visual design principles to create visually appealing and consistent interfaces
Design interactive and engaging user experiences with microinteractions
Optimize designs for mobile and web applications, considering usability and responsiveness
Utilize design systems for consistency and scalability
Conduct usability testing and incorporate user feedback for iterative design improvements
Build a comprehensive digital product design portfolio

Lessons and detailed program

The Professional Course in Digital Product Design is a comprehensive program designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the field of designing user-centric digital products. This course covers the essential principles, methodologies, and tools used in the process of designing and iterating digital products, preparing participants to create compelling and intuitive user experiences. The following is a detailed plan:

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Product Design

Understanding the fundamentals of digital product design and its role in user experience
Exploring design thinking methodologies and user-centered design principles
Analyzing the latest trends and best practices in digital product design
Module 2: User Research and User Experience (UX) Design
Conducting user research to understand user needs, motivations, and behaviors
Developing user personas and user journey mapping
Creating wireframes, prototypes, and information architecture for intuitive user experiences
Module 3: Visual Design for Digital Products
Applying visual design principles to create visually appealing interfaces
Utilizing color theory, typography, and iconography in digital product design
Creating responsive designs for different devices and screen sizes
Module 4: Interaction Design and Microinteractions
Designing interactive and engaging user interfaces
Implementing usability principles and best practices
Creating microinteractions to enhance user satisfaction and delight
Module 5: Designing for Mobile and Web Applications
Understanding the unique considerations and constraints of mobile and web application design
Optimizing user interfaces for mobile devices and touch interactions
Designing responsive web interfaces and navigation patterns
Module 6: Design Systems and Prototyping
Developing design systems for consistency and scalability
Creating interactive prototypes for user testing and feedback
Collaborating with development teams for seamless implementation
Module 7: Usability Testing and User Feedback
Planning and conducting usability testing sessions
Analyzing and interpreting user feedback for iterative design improvements
Incorporating user feedback into the design process
Module 8: Product Design Portfolio and Career Development
Building a comprehensive digital product design portfolio
Showcasing design process, case studies, and design thinking
Exploring career opportunities and job roles in digital product design

Course Format

The course incorporates a blend of theoretical concepts, hands-on exercises, design projects, and portfolio development to provide participants with practical experience and knowledge in digital product design. Participants will engage in lectures, design workshops, group discussions, and one-on-one feedback sessions with instructors. They will have access to industry-standard design tools and software to develop their design skills. The course also offers opportunities for networking with instructors and fellow participants, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Highlights of the Boot camp, collaboration and networking opportunities

• Project Showcases: Present your project for cross-learning, idea exchange, and recognition of achievements.
• Expert Feedback from Experts and Mentors: Receive constructive input to refine your work further.
• Interactive Workshops: Engaging workshops and seminars led by industry leaders. Enhance your knowledge and skills through these hands-on sessions.
• Networking Opportunities: Expand your network with like-minded professionals, share experiences, and forge potential collaborations or career advancements.
• Cultural Enrichment: Get a broader perspective on global business practices plus a taste of Swedish culture with cultural outings and sightseeing.

How to apply

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