Professional Course in Interior Design

  • Title: Professional Course in Interior Design
  • Category: Advanced training
  • Language: English
  • Application deadline: 1 month before session opening
  • Duration: 6months, 8 lessons
  • Fees: 700 USD
  • Classes: Online/Remote


Welcome to the Professional Course in Interior Design! Get ready to unleash your creativity and embark on a journey into the captivating world of interior design. Throughout this course, you will explore the principles of space planning, color theory, material selection, and furniture arrangement to create harmonious and functional interiors. Join us as we dive into the art of transforming spaces and learn how to bring your unique design visions to life. Get ready to unlock your potential and make a lasting impact in the exciting field of interior design.

The Interior Design course is a professional training program that focuses on teaching participants the skills and knowledge required to design functional, aesthetically pleasing, and safe interior spaces. The program provides participants with an introduction to the key principles and techniques involved in designing interior spaces. Through a series of interactive lectures and practical exercises, participants will learn about various aspects of interior design, including space planning, color theory and color selection, lighting design, furniture selection, and materials and finishes.

Through a combination of theoretical learning and hands-on projects, participants will learn best practices for creating to create interior designs that meet the needs and preferences of clients while adhering to safety and building codes. By the end of the course, participants will have a portfolio of interior design projects that demonstrate their expertise and be prepared to pursue a career in the interior design industry.

As part of our commitment to providing a comprehensive and immersive learning experience, selected participants of our professional courses will have the exclusive opportunity to attend a highly enriching boot camp or seminar in the picturesque setting of Sweden. It aims to deliver value beyond the classroom, empower our course graduates to thrive in their careers, make lasting connections, and stand out as leaders in their respective fields. This event will serve as a platform for participants to showcase the projects or prototypes they've developed during the course, creating a vibrant atmosphere for collaboration, feedback, and networking.

Join us on this exciting journey of learning, growth, and innovation, and seize the opportunity to shine internationally by showcasing your projects and prototypes in the heart of Sweden!

Who Should Attend?

The course is ideal for aspiring interior designers, design enthusiasts, architects, and individuals interested in pursuing a career in the field of interior design. It is suitable for beginners with no prior design experience, as well as professionals in related fields seeking to enhance their existing design skills and transition into the field of interior design.

While no specific prerequisites are required for this course, participants should have a keen eye for aesthetics, creativity, and an interest in spatial design. Familiarity with design software tools, drawing skills, and basic knowledge of construction and architectural concepts would be advantageous.

This course is particularly relevant for:

I• Individuals Considering a Career Change: Individuals who are considering a career change and have a passion for interior design can enroll in this course to develop the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful transition. Whether you come from a completely different industry or have a background in a related field, this course will provide you with a solid foundation in interior design principles and practices.
II• Aspiring Interior Designers: Individuals who aspire to become professional interior designers can benefit greatly from this course. It provides them with a comprehensive understanding of design principles, space planning, color theory, materials, and finishes. Whether you are a beginner or have some prior knowledge in interior design, this course will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to kickstart your career in the field.
III• Design Professionals Seeking Specialization: Design professionals from related fields, such as architecture, graphic design, or industrial design, who want to specialize in interior design can leverage this course. It offers a deeper dive into interior design concepts, industry trends, and best practices, allowing you to expand your skill set and offer interior design services to your clients.
IV• Homeowners and DIY Enthusiasts: Homeowners who want to enhance their understanding of interior design to create beautiful and functional spaces within their own homes can benefit from this course. It provides them with insights into design principles, spatial planning, furniture selection, and color schemes, empowering them to transform their living spaces according to their personal style and preferences.
V• Furniture and Decor Professionals: Professionals working in the furniture and decor industry, such as furniture designers, retail professionals, or home stylists, can benefit from this course to gain a deeper understanding of interior design concepts. It equips them with the knowledge to curate cohesive and visually appealing spaces, keeping in mind the latest design trends and consumer preferences.
VI• Project Managers and Contractors: Project managers and contractors involved in construction and renovation projects can enhance their understanding of interior design through this course. It provides them with the knowledge to effectively collaborate with interior designers, interpret design plans, and ensure the successful execution of interior design concepts in projects.
VII• Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: Entrepreneurs and business owners in the interior design industry who want to update their skills or gain a comprehensive understanding of the field can benefit from this course. It equips them with insights into design trends, client management, project execution, and business strategies, enabling them to provide exceptional interior design services and grow their business.

What will you learn?

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will:
Understand the principles, theories, and elements of interior design
Develop spatial awareness and create functional and aesthetically pleasing layouts
Select appropriate materials, finishes, and colors for interior spaces
Design effective lighting schemes to enhance the ambiance and mood
Choose suitable furniture, fixtures, textiles, and accessories for interior projects
Create interior design schemes in various styles, considering historical influences and current trends
Manage interior design projects and communicate effectively with clients
Develop a comprehensive interior design portfolio showcasing their skills and creativity

Lessons and detailed program

The Professional Course in Interior Design is a comprehensive program designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the field of interior design. This course covers the essential principles, techniques, and tools used in the process of designing functional, aesthetic, and innovative interior spaces, preparing participants to create captivating environments for residential and commercial projects. The following is a detailed plan:

Module 1: Introduction to Interior Design

Understanding the fundamentals and significance of interior design
Exploring design principles, elements, and theories
Analyzing the role of interior designers and their responsibilities
Module 2: Space Planning and Layout
Developing spatial awareness and design concepts
Understanding human ergonomics and scale in interior spaces
Creating efficient and functional floor plans and layouts
Module 3: Materials, Finishes, and Color Theory
Exploring various materials and finishes used in interior design
Understanding the psychological and emotional impact of colors
Applying color theory and harmonies to enhance interior spaces
Module 4: Lighting Design
Understanding the principles and importance of lighting in interior design
Exploring different lighting techniques and fixtures
Designing lighting schemes for various moods and purposes
Module 5: Furniture and Fixture Selection
Selecting appropriate furniture and fixtures for different interior styles
Understanding furniture arrangement and focal points
Considering sustainability and eco-friendly design choices
Module 6: Textiles and Accessories
Incorporating textiles, fabrics, and window treatments into interior design
Choosing appropriate accessories and decor elements
Creating cohesive and visually appealing design schemes
Module 7: Interior Design Styles and Trends
Exploring various interior design styles, from traditional to contemporary
Understanding historical influences and cultural aesthetics
Staying updated on current design trends and innovations
Module 8: Project Management and Client Communication
Managing interior design projects from conception to completion
Understanding project timelines, budgets, and procurement
Developing effective communication and presentation skills with clients

Course Format

The course combines theoretical concepts with hands-on practical exercises, design projects, and site visits to provide participants with practical experience and knowledge in interior design. Participants will engage in lectures, design workshops, group discussions, and one-on-one feedback sessions with instructors. They will have access to industry-standard design software and tools to develop their design skills. The course also offers opportunities for networking with instructors and fellow participants, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Highlights of the Boot camp, collaboration and networking opportunities

• Project Showcases: Present your project for cross-learning, idea exchange, and recognition of achievements.
• Expert Feedback from Experts and Mentors: Receive constructive input to refine your work further.
• Interactive Workshops: Engaging workshops and seminars led by industry leaders. Enhance your knowledge and skills through these hands-on sessions.
• Networking Opportunities: Expand your network with like-minded professionals, share experiences, and forge potential collaborations or career advancements.
• Cultural Enrichment: Get a broader perspective on global business practices plus a taste of Swedish culture with cultural outings and sightseeing.

How to apply

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